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John Hagelin's groundbreaking Manual for a Perfect Government, now in its second printing, describes how the grand unification of modern science and ancient Vedic Science can be applied to create an ideal administration—a government that can harness the laws of nature to solve acute social problems. For book endorsements, click here. To order your copy, click here.

Creating Ideal Administration: Harnessing Natural Law to Achieve a Self-Governing Nation

Government today is torn by conflicting national interests and faced with seemingly intractable challenges. This is because governmental theory and policy are rooted in obsolete 19th century principles. As a quantum physicist, I offer a profound and fresh new foundation for governmental administration — one based upon the most modern and comprehensive scientific understanding of how Nature functions. Unified quantum field theories have revealed the ultimate unity underlying all of life, and provide deep and practical insights into how to skillfully administer and harmonize society’s diverse tendencies — with the same organizing intelligence displayed throughout Nature.

America’s problems are human problems — crime, drug dependency, domestic violence, even pollution result from a narrowness of vision that fails to comprehend life’s essential unity. The only way we can overcome these problems is through the expansion of consciousness — education that actualizes the full potential of the brain.

I have spent the last quarter century conducting cutting edge research in unified quantum field theories, and have led an international scientific investigation into the nature and origin of human consciousness. The conclusion of these 25 years of research is that human consciousness, at its deepest level, and the unified field which underlies the whole of Nature, are one and the same.

This means that human awareness, fully expanded, naturally comprehends the ultimate unity underlying all of humanity, earth’s complex ecosystems, and indeed, the entire universe. It also means that the most profound appreciation of life’s essential unity, described by the greatest physicists and philosophers of all traditions, is available to everyone through proper education.

With this direct experience of life’s essential unity, and with maximally expanded comprehension, individuals naturally behave in their own best long-term interests while promoting the interests of society as a whole — action fully aligned with natural law.

Thus today, 225 years after the birth of our nation, with our far more complete and profound scientific understanding of natural law, we can practically fulfill our Founders’ dream of a self-governing nation, where all citizens naturally respect and promote each others’ rights to life, liberty and happiness.

Excerpts from Manual for a Perfect Government:

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