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Genetic Engineering
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October 1998

1998 Candidate List

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Dr. Harold Bloomfield Governor
Iris Adam Controller
Carlos Aguirre Treasurer
Jane Bialosky Sec’y of State
Barbara Bourdette Insurance Commissioner
Dr. Brian M. Rees U.S. Senate
Patrice Thiessen U.S. Congress 2
Alan Barreca U.S. Congress 6
Walter Rhuelig U.S. Congress 7
David Smithstein U.S. Congress 8
Valerie Janlois U.S. Congress 10
Karnig Belikjian U.S. Congress 13
Anna Currivan U.S. Congress 14
Frank Strutner U.S. Congress 15
John Black U.S. Congress 16
Scott Hartley U.S. Congress 17
Catherine Carter U.S. Congress 24
David Cossack U.S. Congress 26
Dr. Lawrence Allison U.S. Congress 28
Karen Wilkinson U.S. Congress 29
Gary Hearne U.S. Congress 31
Dr. Ron Jevning U.S. Congress 39
David Kramer U.S. Congress 41
Annie Wallack U.S. Congress 43
Jim Meuer U.S. Congress 44
Bill Verkamp U.S. Congress 45
Larry Engwall U.S. Congress 46
Paul Fisher U.S. Congress 47
Sharon Miles U.S. Congress 48
Eric Bourdette U.S. Congress 51
Adrienne Pelton U.S. Congress 52
Julia Simon U.S. Congress 59
Barbara Blair State Senate 38
Marilyn Bryant State Assembly 21
Rick Dunstan State Assembly 22
Eric Dahl State Assembly 35
Louise Allison State Assembly 59
Joseph Ray Renteria State Assembly 65
Nat Adam State Assembly 70
Brenda Bryant State Assembly 71
Matteo Ornati State Assembly 73
Aditi Gentsch State Assembly 74
Bill Cowling State Assembly 75
Stuart Knoles State Assembly 78

Rolland L. Fraser Sec’y of State
Cynthia S. Burks Treasurer
Jeffrey Peckman U.S. Senate
Patrick C. West U.S. Congress 2
Mark Melott U.S. Congress 5
George Newman U.S. Congress 6
Noreve A. Fraser Bd. of Education 5
Barbara Foster Univ. Bd. of Regents (at large)

Gail Dalby U.S. Congress 3
Bernard Nevas State Assembly 133

Kim Bemis U.S. Congress (at large)
Jacqueline Kossoff State Assembly 4
Nancy Mattson State Assembly 16

Nicholas Bedworth U.S. Congress 1
Lauri Clegg State Assembly 23

George J. Mansfeld U.S. Senate
Jonathan Ratner U.S. Congress 2
Glida Bothwell State Assembly 14B
K. Bruce Jordan State Assembly 16A
Dennis Goodman State Assembly 19
Ann Hope Vegors State Assembly 34B

Jim Schaefer Governor
Lynn Waters Lt. Governor
Dan Swanson Sec’y of State
Nancy Watkins Attorney General
Sam James Sec’y of Agriculture
Michael Spivak Treasurer
William Graff Auditor
Susan Marcus U.S. Senate
Jeffrey Smith U.S. Congress 1
Peter Lamoureux U.S. Congress 2
Steve Yellin U.S. Congress 4
Jonas Magram State Senate 47

Patricia Jo Metten U.S. Congress 3

Martin Rosenthal U.S. Senate

Kevin Carmody U.S. Congress 8

Dale Friedgen State Assembly 12

Wendy Conway U.S. Congress 1
Thomas Russell U.S. Congress 2
Lucille Wiggins U.S. Congress 3
Stuart Goldberg U.S. Congress 4
Brian Ellison U.S. Congress 5
Kenneth H. Asmus U.S. Congress 6
Lynnea Mae Ellison U.S. Congress 7
Patricia Rayfield Allen U.S. Congress 8
Henry Ogden Clark U.S. Congress 10
Fred Rosenberg U.S. Congress 12
Samir Roger Makarem U.S. Congress 13
Richard Miller U.S. Congress 14
Gregory F. Smith U.S. Congress 15
Noha Hamze U.S. Congress 16
Susan J. Kaplan State Assembly 39
Fred G. Sauer State Assembly 54
Gail Quarton Bd. of Education
Dr. Alixandra Pablita Summit Bd. of Education
William Quarton U of MI Bd. of Regents
Ann Rappaport U of MI Bd. of Regents

Philip Mayeux U.S. Congress 5

Rosanna Piazza State Senate 14
Rebecca Scott State Senate 23
Dale Blackford State Assembly 69
Anne Markle State Assembly 84
Clayton Stephens State Assembly 86

Lois Avery Sec’y of State
Michael E. Williams U.S. Senate
Robert W. Winquist U.S. Congress 2

New Jersey
Helen Hamilton U.S. Congress 5
Jeff Levine U.S. Congress 8
Ken Ebel U.S. Congress 9
Mary Jo Christian U.S. Congress 12

Zanna Feitler Governor
John Eastman Lt. Governor
John Fitch State Senate 13
Carol Ann McCoy State Assembly 46
Dennis Slotnick State Assembly 53

Patti Steurer Governor
Michael Campbell U.S. Senate
Jim Burns U.S. Congress 5
Rosemaree Zazu State Assembly 9

Carolyn Boyce U.S. Congress 8

Rhode Island
Peter Scharf State Assembly 3

South Carolina
Joe Innella U.S. Congress 1
Dr. Maurice Raiford U.S. Congress 2
Faye Walters U.S. Congress 4
Dianne Nevins U.S. Congress 5
George C. Taylor U.S. Congress 6

Richard Sims U.S. Congress 3

Bob Lesh U.S. Congress 2
Lilli E. DeCair State Senate 1
Dusty Swain State Senate 9
Thomas J. Coleman State Senate 10
Frank Erwin State Assembly 6
John Erickson State Assembly 24
Steve Estes State Assembly 25
Richard G. Thayne State Assembly 64
Eldon L. Miller State Assembly 69
Randall Longstroth Salt Lake County Clerk

Dr. Sarina Grosswald U.S. Congress 11

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